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Automation and Motion Control

           Comprehensive Line of Products Offering Complete System Solutions

            Kollmorgen’s comprehensive line of control software and hardware, drives and motors enables you to complete your solutions with
            one supplier:
            Whether you want a stand-alone controller or drive-resident, Kollmorgen’s Automation Suite can coordinate up to 128 axes, and
            synchronize the path of up to 32 axes per control engine. We offer standard languages according to IEC61131 -3, as well as C, C+,
            C++, C#, .NET, and our industry-leading graphical programming language, Pipe Network.
            Our broad range of motor- and drive technologies and gearing and actuation products interface seamlessly with our KAS.



                AKI touch panels
                operate and display
                                      System programming with the
                                      Pipe-Network  or PLCopen
            The AKD  PDMM multi-axis motion controller is equipped with an AKD servo
            drive for direct connection to a motor. Additional axes each with their own
            AKD servo drive are controlled by the AKD PDMM via the system bus with
            the EtherCAT  protocol; extremely precise with cycle times of 250 µs.
            Optionally, an AKI control panel with one of the standard communication
            protocols can be connected for operating the machine. The AKD PDMM
            supports all leading bus systems and thus opens up limitless control system
            options. The PDMM motion controller functionality is also available in a
            stand-alone package, the PCMM, for machine designers that prefer
            traditional, independent controller hardware.          Control of motors with AKD  PDMM
                                                                    programmable multi-axis master  Flexible single or multi-axis
                                                                                             drive solutions in decentralized
                                                   Supported System Bus Protocols            and central architectures
                                                                                             with AKD-PDMM and the
                                                                                             Kollmorgen Automation Suite
                                                  DECENTRALIZED SERVO DRIVES
                                  AKD-N Decentralized
                                     Servo Drive

                                                           SERVO MOTORS
               AKD-C Power Supply

                                AKMH™ Servo Motor  Cartridge DDR  Motor   AKM  Servo Motor       KBM Frameless Motor

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