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The Advantages of Kollmorgen Servo Motors
              •  Optimized AKM and direct drive motor windings for the AKD  servo drive  •  With the same size, the AKM offers up to 47% more power on the   SER
              • Amplifier and motor dimensions reduced             motor shaft                                          V
              • Lower system costs                                                                                      O MO

              • Quicker start-up of all servo systems             •  Start-up of amplifiers with plug-and-play detection for AKM and   T
              •  Immediate and adaptive reaction to dynamic loads optimizes performance   Cartridge DDR series motors   ORS
               within seconds
              • Precise regulation of all motor types
              • Compensation for stiff and compatible gearboxes and clutches
              •  More precise machines due to higher resolution and improved accuracy  • New, cost-efficient multi-turn feedback option
              •  With multi-turn absolute encoders: reduced cycle times and lower costs
               for sensors and cabling through the omission of conventional reference
               run methods

              • Machine design independent of motor size          • Motors with the highest power densities in the whole industry
              • Installation of motors in the tightest space
              •  Millions of standard motor versions available in various mounting,   •  AKM offers 28 housing and design length combinations, as well as
               connection, and feedback variants, as well as further options  120 different standard windings for a single motor series
              • Available with single cable technology with digital feedback (Digital
                  Resolver SFD3 or HIPERFACE  DSL)
              •  Our flexible products deliver a perfectly suited solution to your application
              •  Simplifies mechanical modifications and design adjustments or renders
               them totally superfluous
              •  AKM Washdown and AKM Washdown Food also offer maximum   • New IP67 option for AKM
               reliability and a long service life for the most demanding industrial

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