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Safe Motion  Safe Motion

 Safety Logic and Drive Monitoring Integrated within the Drive  Extensive Safety Functions for Safe Motion

 With Motion Safety: Safe Motion Instead of Safe Standstill  STO (Safe Torque Off)   SS1 (Safe Stop 1)
 Motion Safety combines the safety logic and the drive
 monitoring in the drive. Conventional safety technology   STO safely interrupts the power supply to the motor in   The drive is brought to a standstill by controlled braking.
 keeps the user away from areas with dangerous motion. By   Safety logic  Drive monitoring  v     the servo drive. The motor becomes torque-free.  v  Then the power supply to the motor is safely interrupted   SAFE MO
 contrast, drives with Motion Safety work according to the                    and the motor becomes torque-free.
 safe motion principle and permit user interventions without   t        t
 interrupting the process. The safety logic in the drive controls                                                       TION
 motion sequences so that no danger can result from them
 and the process is not interrupted.
 Motion Safety  SS2 (Safe Stop 2)                             SOS (Safe Operating Stop)

                            The drive is brought to a standstill by controlled braking   Monitors the stop position reached and triggers SS1 in
                v                                                v
                            and subsequently remains in controlled standstill. The   the event of deviations beyond the specified limits. The
                            control functions of the drive are maintained.    control functions of the drive remain active.
 Conventional safety
 Productivity Gains with Motion Safety  technology  With Motion Safety  t  t
 Safety functions for areas with dangerous motion are   Production quantity  Up to 15% productivity gain
 activated when intervening in a running process. With   with Motion Safety  SDI (Safe Direction)   SSR (Safe Speed Range) 1
 intelligent safety functions, motion sequences are controlled
 so that each motion is safe. For example, this is performed   The SDI function ensures that the drive can only move   Monitors that the drive observes a defined speed limit.
 through position monitoring and restricting the range of   v  in a defined direction. In the event of an error, SS1 is   v v  In the event of an error, SS1 is triggered.
 motion or by increasing the cycle times. Parts of the machine   t  triggered.
 that do not constitute a risk to the user are not affected. The   v 1  t
 graph clearly shows the productivity gains when using
 Kollmorgen's Motion Safety technology.
             SLS (Safe Limited Speed)                         SBC (Safe Brake Control), SBT

 User   User   Time
 intervention  intervention  Monitors that the drive observes a defined speed limit.   SBT (Safe Brake Test) (non-standardized)
                            In the event of an error, SS1 is triggered.  v    Test function for external brakes and the internal
               v max                                                          motor holding brake
 Kollmorgen – your Competent Partner for Safe Drive Solutions  t
 As the leading manufacturer of electrical drive technology, Kollmorgen boasts extensive expertise gained from thousands of drive
 projects around the world. Safety logic, servo drives, motors, through to complete automation solutions – Kollmorgen supplies co-  SLP (Safe Limited Position)  SLI (Safe Limited Increments)
 ordinated components for safe drive solutions, all from one source. Whether it is a standard implementation or a new development
 as part of a co-engineering project, make use of Kollmorgen's innovative capacity and experience for developing your safe drive.
                            Monitors the absolute position of the drive. If the limit   Monitors the relative position of the drive with respect
                v                                                v
               P            value is reached or the brake torque is too low to keep   to the current position when activating the SLI function.
                            the drive within the limit value, SS1 is triggered.   P  SS1 is triggered when the prescribed limit value is reached.

                       t                                                t

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