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Why Lay 1220 ft. of Cable when 138 ft. Will Suffice?

            Imagine your machine includes eight axes each with a distance of three meters. The switch cabinet is 5 meters away and on each axis
            there is also a switch. With this thoroughly realistic example, that equates to a total of 1220 feet of cable – with our AKD-N it would
            have been 138 feet. The decentralized servo technology of the AKD-N saves 1082 feet here! That is cable that does not have to be
            purchased or laid and which does not require any space in the machine construction. We find that these are very good grounds for
            starting the comparison. We combine the AKD-N servo controllers and their power supply modules with pre-assembled and tested   AKD
            system cables – it doesn't get much simpler than this.                                                      -N DECENTRALIZED SER ®


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            Regardless of which Motor: Plug and Play
            Our AKD-N decentralized servo controllers work optimally with every motor. Within our Kollmorgen system, you can also
            thoroughly use all advantages of the single-cable connection technology individually.

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