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AKD -N Decentralized Servo Drives

            Our Way of Making Machines Simpler and More Efficient

               Advantage: Lower machine complexity
               Advantage: Greater freedom of design
               Advantage: Higher OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

                                                                                                Complete integration in
                                                                                                the AKD family
                                        Decentralized solution reduces effort and
                                        costs for switch cabinet

                                                                       Startup with the
                                                                       Kollmorgen WorkBench

                MotionBus (EtherCAT )
                for connection to
                automation systems
                                                                              Status LED for
                                                                              simple diagnosis
                Connection of external
                additional components
                                                           Simple connection of           Options like tertiary network and
                                                           local I/O                      local STO offer maximal flexibility
                A single AKD-C supplies
                up to 16 AKD-N
                                                                                           IP67 / UL type 4x housing reduces
                                                                                           cleaning times and makes special
                                                                                           protective enclosures redundant.

                                                                                                   Simple and fast

                                                                                                 Compatible with all
                                                                                                 motors from Kollmorgen

                            A single cable with 11 mm diameter for DC bus, electrical supply,   Hybrid motor cable for simplified
                            EtherCAT  network and STO reduces cabling outlay, increases the   cabling, faster installation and higher
                            reliability and enables flexible machine design      reliability

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