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AKD -N Decentralized Servo Drive

 The new decentralized AKD-N servo drives from Kollmorgen can be
 placed in the immediate vicinity of the motor thanks to its robust,   The Advantages of Decentralized Servo Drives     AKD ®
 compact construction and protection class IP67, plug-in connections,   •  Reduced costs  •  Reduced cabling because DC and network, power supply, I/O level as well as safety
 excellent motor compatibility and high degree of integrated functionality.   (STO) run in one cable
 With the decentralized AKD-N servo drives, you can develop drive and   •  Faster and simple assembly, even without special knowledge, through ready-made and
                                             tested cables
 automation architectures that are easily comprehensible, and integrate   •  Lack of derating enables smaller motor and servo drive combinations compared to   -N DECENTRALIZED SER
                                             integrated system with the same output power
 with the central AKD servo drives. Using EtherCAT  as a system bus, we   •  Compacter machines  •  Smaller and therefore more easily integrated switch cabinets
 reduce complexity further since the AKD-N can collect I/O signals on the   •  Servo drives in the immediate vicinity of the motor

 axis and pass them on in bundled form.   •  Robust construction in Protection class IP67 makes protective enclosures superfluous  V
              •  Faster startup           •  Plug connectors in IP67 for connection without tools
 Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)  •  At only eleven millimeters, the thin hybrid cable can be laid in a space-saving manner –   O DRIVES
                                             even in tight machine corners, thanks to a small bending radius
                                          •  Simple connection of I/O systems or networks directly to the drive
 With AKD-N you increase the effectiveness beyond the entire life cycle   •  Parameterization with the tools of the Kollmorgen WorkBench
 of your machine (OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The design   •  Higher machine effectiveness   •  Design supports fast and effective cleaning

 configuration and simple connection technology decrease the time for   (OEE)   •  High operating safety through robust construction
                                          •  Precision through digital feedback
 assembly, installation, and start-up. During the operating phase, the   •  Everything at a glance: Status display on servo drive

 AKD-N plays a valuable part in energy savings due to the integrated DC   •  More flexibility in machine design •  Compatible with all motors from Kollmorgen with single-cable, or dual-cable, connection

 connection. Further advantages in production are faster cleaning cycles,   •  Simple combination of central and decentralized controllers within the comprehensive
                                             AKD family
 thanks to a higher protection class, as well as fewer cables in combination   •  Faster modification and upgrade options through linear topology as well as I/O and

 with a space-saving switch cabinet superstructure. Moreover, the   network interfaces at the axis
 assembly and connection technology increases the availability – and

 thereby productivity – because maintenance and service tasks are

 completed faster.

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