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AKD -N Decentralized Servo Drive

            The new decentralized AKD-N servo drives from Kollmorgen can be
            placed in the immediate vicinity of the motor thanks to its robust,
            compact construction and protection class IP67, plug-in connections,
            excellent motor compatibility and high degree of integrated functionality.
            With the decentralized AKD-N servo drives, you can develop drive and

            automation architectures that are easily comprehensible, and integrate

            with the central AKD servo drives. Using EtherCAT  as a system bus, we
            reduce complexity further since the AKD-N can collect I/O signals on the

            axis and pass them on in bundled form.
            Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

            With AKD-N you increase the effectiveness beyond the entire life cycle
            of your machine (OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The design

            configuration and simple connection technology decrease the time for
            assembly, installation, and start-up. During the operating phase, the

            AKD-N plays a valuable part in energy savings due to the integrated DC

            connection. Further advantages in production are faster cleaning cycles,
            thanks to a higher protection class, as well as fewer cables in combination

            with a space-saving switch cabinet superstructure. Moreover, the
            assembly and connection technology increases the availability – and

            thereby productivity – because maintenance and service tasks are

            completed faster.

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