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A Single, Scalable Development Suite
            Kollmorgen Automation Suite  simplifies and accelerates development through a unified system of software, hardware, and
            collaborative co-engineering. This scalable solution provides a fully integrated development environment for any application,
            whether you’re programming a single axis of motion, a multi-axis AKD  PDMM system, or a PCMM-based system up to 64   AKD
            axes or more. Kollmorgen Automation Suite has been proven to:                                                ®

            • Improve product throughput by up to 25% with industry-leading motion bandwidth
            • Reduce scrap by up to 50% with world-class servo accuracy, seamless power-failure
             recovery and highly dynamic changeovers
            • Increase precision for better quality, reduced waste and less downtime using
             EtherCAT —the field bus with motion bus performance
            • Enable more adaptable, sustainable and innovative machines that measurably                                 PDMM DRIVE-RESIDENT CONTROLLER
             improve marketability and profitability

            A Single Family of Servo Drives
            Kollmorgen AKD  servo drives deliver cutting-edge performance in a compact footprint.
            From basic torque-and-velocity applications, to indexing, to multi-axis programmable
            motion, these feature-rich drives offer:
            • Plug-and-play compatibility with your servo motor
            • All the advantages of Kollmorgen´s breadth of motor platforms including AKM , CDDR ,
             and other direct-drive technologies                               To learn more about the programmability of
            • The fastest velocity and position loop updates                   AKD drives, please refer to the Kollmorgen
                                                                                    Automation Suite section.
            • Full-frequency auto-tuning for perfect motion across the performance spectrum

            • Real-time feedback from a wide variety of devices

            Our Best Drive and Automation Solution in a Single Package

            The AKD PDMM programmable drive, multi-axis master combines our AKD drive
            platform with the full feature set of Kollmorgen Automation Suite in a single package
            —providing complete machine and motion control for up to eight axes or more.
            You need only one development suite and one drive family for all your projects.
            And you can rely on one source for all the motion components and co-engineering
            expertise you need to build a better machine.

            With AKD PDMM, the best in machine engineering has never been easier, faster
            or more cost-effective.

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