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Development Tools that Speed Programming and Improve Quality
            Co-engineering is a powerful tool. To make it easy for you to provide better solutions for your customers, we provide an
            innovative BASIC programming environment within Kollmorgen WorkBench. So there’s only one software package to
            use for all of your drive setup, configuration, tuning and management tasks in addition to motion and machine control   AKD
            programming.                                                                                                 B ®

            Pre-built code templates give your application a head-start, while automatic formatting, highlighting and other ease-of-use features increase programming
            speed and accuracy. Complete access to all programming capabilities and drive features within a single environment helps speed your development of
            complete, optimally engineered solutions.                                                                   ASIC DRIVES

            Novice users will enjoy a short ramp-up time to productive coding, while experienced users will discover well-designed tools
            that take their programming skills to new levels of speed and quality.

            1   Integrated axis setup
            2   Code snippets simplify formatting
            3   Auto-complete helps speed coding and reduce errors
            4   Automatic color coding makes it easy to distinguish comments, parameters, print statements and other types of code
            5   Full debugger accelerates development
            6   Packaged program console provides instant program status
            7   Menu-driven navigation provides intuitive look and feel
            8   Window pinning maximizes workspace

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