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            High Performance Capabilities in an Integrated Drive/Control Solution

            Add co-engineering to your toolbox. Save money, simplify your machine and customize performance
            to meet the specific needs of each customer or application – as needed, today or tomorrow.

            Our new Kollmorgen AKD  BASIC drives add BASIC-programmable machine and motion control to the superior performance of our AKD drive platform. So
            engineers can quickly customize performance at the drive level without touching the PLC. In fact, for many applications you can avoid the expense, wiring
            and cabinet space of a PLC altogether.
            Whether you rely on your own engineering expertise or Kollmorgen’s, the base and Expanded I/O versions of our AKD BASIC drive give
            you the unprecedented machine and motion control flexibility in a compact, fully integrated drive package. It’s one more example of
            our co-engineering mission to help you deliver exactly what your customers want – when they want it – in solutions that are more
            cost-effective to build, simpler in design and faster to market.

            AKD BASIC Language Programmable Drive                Expanded I/O AKD BASIC Programmable Drive

            In addition to the wide selection and key features of our proven AKD,   Building on the features of the AKD BASIC drive, we also offer an
            the standard version of our AKD BASIC drive offers:  expanded I/O version that adds:
            •  Programmable machine control built into the drive, so you can  •  A total of 20 digital inputs, 13 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs and
              engineer perfect axis-level performance without touching the machine    2 analog outputs, reducing or eliminating the need for remote I/O and
              controller. In fact, AKD BASIC can eliminate the need for a PLC in single     its associated installation and wiring costs.
              and 1.5 axis applications – reducing wiring requirements, panel space,  •  An SD memory card slot for loading, and restoring programs
              design complexity and cost.                          and parameters, without the need for a PC.
            •  High performance motion control built into the drive, enabling
              increased speed for more complex moves in a simpler design with
              reduced wiring.
            •  BASIC Language programming, providing simple program flow control
              in a solution that’s easy to learn, quick to master and universally accepted.
            •  An integrated development environment, allowing single-point
              programming, de-bugging, commissioning, tuning and management
              of your AKD BASIC drive from within AKD WorkBench. Our BASIC
              editor provides innovative features that speed development time
              and reduce coding errors.
            •  Source code lockout with password protection, freeing you to
              differentiate your product with drive-level control while safeguarding
              your intellectual property.

               I/0 Capabilities  Base Version  Expanded I/O Version

                Digital Inputs     8              20
                Digital Outputs    3              13
                Analog Inputs      1              2

                Analog Outputs     1              2

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