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Scalable Programmability                                                                                                         RANGE OF K OLLMORGEN A UT OMATION SUITE C APABILITIES

            Kollmorgen delivers cutting-edge technology and performance with the AKD  servo   •  Patented auto-tuning delivers optimized
            drive and KAS controls platform. Whether your application requires a single axis or   performance in seconds.
            over 100 fully synchronized axes, Kollmorgen’s intuitive software and tools scale to   •  1.5MHz current loop and 16KHz velocity loops
                                                                                   offers greater bandwidth and performance
            meet your needs. From simple analog torque control to the latest high-performance   Optimized performance in seconds
            automation network, the AKD servo drive packs power and flexibility for virtually any   •  Greater throughput and accuracy
            application into one of the most compact footprints of any digital servo drive in the   •  Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for
            industry.                                                              faster commissioning and troubleshooting
                                                                                 •  Flexible and scalable to meet any application


                                                                                 BASIC Programmable 1.5 Axis Drive
                                                                                 (“T” Option)

                                                                                 • Adds BASIC programmability to base AKD
                                              Motion Tasking (“P” Option)        • 4Khz programmable interrupt service routines
                                                                                 • Conditional statements, built-in math
                                              • Adds simple point-and-click indexing to  functions, user functions and subroutines
                                                base drive
                                                                                 • Includes 2 high-speed digital inputs
                                              • Provides user with pre-programmed options
                                                                                 • Same package size as base drive
                                              • Guides novice user through simplified steps to
            • Controlled by analog torque-and-velocity    create indexing moves  • Expandable to 31 digital I/O and 4 analog I/O
             commands                                                            • Optional integrated SD card for easy backup
                                              • Network connectivity to EtherCAT , CANopen ,
            • Includes electronic gearing via X9 connector    Profinet RT, Ethernet/IP , TCP/IP, SynqNet ®  and drive cloning
            • Includes access to 11 digital I/O and 2 analog    and others       • Includes electronic camming functionality
             I/O on base drive                • MODBUS port for communication with HMI
            • Includes 2 high-speed digital inputs
            • Expandable to 31 digital I/O and 4 analog I/O

                                        Basic Operation                                              Single-Axis    Programming

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