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Real-time Motion Bus  Human Machine Interface (HMI)

 EtherCAT  Real-time Bus for Motion and I/O Connectivity  Kollmorgen HMI Panels
 • Auto-recognition of Kollmorgen Automation Suite-compatible components  With Kollmorgen HMI’s visualization
 • Guaranteed real-time update cycle down to 250 microseconds.  projects can be scaled for different size
 virtual Ethernet Switch
 • Supported by 2000+ member companies  Functionality  screens and performance demands                                  K
 • Standard Ethernet cabling = lower implementation cost  virtual MAC Address  without having to re-write code or learn
 IP Address
 • Interoperability with other buses  different tools.
 Transparent for all Ethernet protocols
 • Wide availability of devices                                                                                         OLLMORGEN A
            •  Choose from 5”, 7”, and 12” displays
 EtherCAT Performance Overview  •  IP65 protection class screen for easy cleaning
            •  Rugged Plastic or Aluminum Housing           AKI2G-CDA 5” and 7”            AKI2G-CDB 7” and 12”
                                                                                                                        OLLMORGEN A
 Process Data  Update Time                                                                                              UT
 256 distributed digital I/O  11 µs = 0.01 ms
 1000 distributed digital I/O  30µs  AKI2G-CDA Series            AKI2G-CDB Series                                       TION
            5”, 7” Touchscreen HMI                               7”, 12” Touchscreen HMI
 200 analog I/O (16 bit)  50 µs – 20 kHz
            Our basic industrial HMI offers a high resolution touch-screen   Our advanced AKI2G series HMIs offers a range of high   SUITE
 100 Servo Axis, with 8 Bytes input and output data each  100 µs  and modern design. The panel combine IP65 corrosion resistant   performance industrial panels designed for demanding applications.
            plastic housing with the full version of Kollmorgen Visualization   All with high performance ARM Cortex-A9 processors, the latest
 1 Fieldbus Master-Gateway   150 µs  Builder, providing a cost-effective yet advanced HMI solution   screen technology and a wide range of connectivity options to
 (1486 Bytes Input and 1486 Bytes Output Data)
            for small to medium applications.  The basic AKI2G model is   cover all your automation needs.  We recommend our advanced
 Versatile network architecture  the obvious choice when requiring a cost-efficient, high value,   HMI with high-performance for all applications.
            reliable HMI panel.
 Kollmorgen EtherCAT Bus Coupler
 See page 26 for models and configurations
            HMI Software Tools
            Kollmorgen Automation Suite Visualization Builder  HMI Software
 Power LEDs  Kollmorgen Automation Suite Visualization Builder operates
            from within the Kollmorgen Automation Suite integrated
 EtherCAT Signal Input  Standard-Bus
            development environment making it quick and easy to
 Link/Act In  create your HMI program and transfer it to the panel.
 Bus Coupler Supply
            Features include

            • Automatic mapping transfers PLC variables to HMI tags avoiding
              mistakes and saving time.
 EtherCAT Signal Output  Input for Power Contacts  • Multi-screen navigation
 Link/Act Out  • Trending/Data Logging

            • Recipes
 Power Contacts  • Alarm management
            • Drag and Drop programming
 Configuration Interface
            • Password Protection
                                                                HMI developer environment

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