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Services that Last a Lifetime

            The end-users require high uptime, efficient daily operations and applications that are easy to change. We help you meet these
            demands with both technology and services.

            Our services portfolio consists of:
            •   Training services that quickly make you an NDC Solutions expert. We offer                               A
              basic, advanced and tailor-made courses, either at our training facilities or
              at your site. Internet-based training is also available.
            •   Support services where we give answers and solutions to your requests.                                  GV CONTROL SY
            •   Consulting services where our senior consultants help you in the sales and design process.
            The illustration shows how we support you throughout the lifecycle of your system.                          STEMS

                Sales support                        Design support                    Commissioning support
                Senior consultants:                  Senior consultants help with:
                •  Give advice                       •  Layout design                  Application engineers help with:
                •  Help at customer visits           •  Application programming        •  System start-up
                •  Prepare simulations               •  Knowledge transfer             •  Vehicle tuning
                •  Write system specifications                                         •  Facility surveying

                                                 Your system lifecycle
                Upgrade support                                                        Operation and
                Senior consultants help with:                                          maintenance support
                •  Sales argumentation                                                 •  Helpdesk 24/7
                •  Technical solutions                                                 •  On-site assistance
                •  System specifications                                               •  Preventive maintenance
                                                                                       •   Spare parts and repair
                                                                                        available at least 10 years
                                                                                        after final sale

                                                                                                                TM TM
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