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AGV Control Systems

            Navigation Technologies

            NDC Solutions works with all established navigation technologies. What’s more, there is also support for a combination of
            technologies, such as multi-navigation. Multi-navigation allows you to serve a storage space using one type of navigation and
            a production area using another.




                           Natural                                                       Spot

                                                         Bar Code

                         Magnetic tape                                               Multi-navigation

                                                       Inductive wire

               Kollmorgen - A Partner You Can Trust

               With an installed base of 20,000 vehicles, Kollmorgen is the number one provider of vehicle automation kits.

                World’s first automobile pro-  World’s first laser-guided   World’s first Pick-n-Go system  World’s first driverless vehicle
                duction plant with driverless   vehicle       Marktkauf, Germany, 2007  with 16 controlled wheels,
                vehicles               Tetra Pak, Singapore, 1990                    Posco Steel, South Korea, 2009
                Volvo, Sweden, 1972

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