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Warehouse (NDC) Solutions   Benefits           Features

             • Lowest total cost for partners  • No need to develop your own controls

 Kollmorgen is a world-leading provider of vehicle automation kits.   • More time to focus on end-user application      A
                                               • Proven and flexible concept
 We combine a complete range of hardware, software and navigation   • Works for all applications in all segments
 technologies with vast knowledge and experience. We have a long and   • Support in the sales process
 successful history in this field and can provide you with everything   • Access to value-adding services               GV CONTROL SY

 you need for excellent vehicle control independent of application. The   • Lowest total cost for end-users  • Customized application

 result is lower total costs – for you and your customers.   • Easy to integrate with other systems
                                               • Easy to operate, maintain and update                                   STEMS
 Turn to us when you want to create vehicle solutions that give you a            • High availability – 24/7 opration
 competitive advantage in the marketplace.

                                                                                                                TM TM
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