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Motion Programming

            Program motion quickly and intuitively with our Pipe Network  graphical programming language. Or choose
            the industry-standard PLCopen for motion to easily reuse your existing programming resources.

            Pipe Network  Visual Programming Environment
            Our innovative Pipe Network  programming environment provides a visual, drag-and-drop model of your
            machine’s motion, including complex axis and cam relationships.                                             K
            Program Tasks in Hours Instead of Weeks:
            .   Intuitive visual programming with a library of prebuilt modules.
            .     Easy knowledge transfer, replacing pages of complex code with easily understood graphical representations  OLLMORGEN A

                        1                                                                    Pipe Network  provides
                                                                                                                        OLLMORGEN A
                               3                                                             a one-to-one translation of   UT
                                                                                             mechanical systems into
                                                                                             a logical world, so you can   OMA
                                                                                             click and build your motion
               2                                                                             program in minutes – as shown
                                                                                             in this example of a vertical   TION
                                                                                             form-fill-seal machine.
                               4                                                                                        SUITE
 Our motion control solutions are backed by Kollmorgen’s                             Pipe Network              ™
 vast experience solving application-specific problems for   Motion Capabilities  5   Kollmorgen Visual Programming for Motion
 the many industries we serve. Kollmorgen Automation Suite    .   Absolute and incremental moves
 offers several advantages that have helped our customers   .   Jerk-limited moves (S-curve)  Pipe Network     ™
 accelerate the development of more precise, high-  .    CAM profiles (static or with “on-the-fly”   Kollmorgen Visual Motion Programming
 performance motion. For example:  profile changes)
 Superior machine synchronization, with motion-optimized runtime   .   Gearing (EtherCAT  synchronized)  PLCopen for Motion  Pipe Network
 engine and deterministic EtherCAT  network:  .    Multiple high-speed registration methods  The Kollmorgen Automation Suite  IDE incorporates PLCopen for motion, a widely accepted open industry standard.
                                                                                      Visual Programming for Motion
 .  IEEE1588 distributed clock correction  (FPGA-based capture engine)
 .  Hardware-based synchronization  .   Homing  In the example shown here, PLCopen for motion is used within the Kollmorgen Automation Suite IDE to precisely
 .   PLC code execution at EtherCAT  update rate, eliminating process delay  .   Tension control based motion  control axis position based on registration marks:
 .   Low hardware latency  .                                     Registration  MC_ReadBoolPar  Fast input occurred  KEY
                                                                                   Good mark detected
                                                                                   Bad mark detected
                                                                 on master axis
   Motion-based functional safety
                                                                           MC_ReadParam  # of consecutive bad marks  Indicates an input to
                                                                                                  the MC_MarkRegist or
                                                                                   # of Good marks
                                                                                   Distance between good marks  MC_MachRegist functions
 .   Superimposed moves                                                            Registration Compensation
 Flexible profile generation, allowing problem-solving through multiple    Distance  Tolerance  Ignore
 methods branching out of standard pre-packaged tools:  .   Phase adjust  Photo  Fast  Good mark          MC_Phasing
                                                                                                           User Applied
 .   Pre-loaded and user-defined motion blocks optimized for specific   .   Multi-axis interpolated motion  Good mark  OPTION 10H  MC_MoveSuperimp
 industries and applications                                     Registration Marks  Target   Registration
                                                                         Actual Axis Position  Registration  Compensation  Master oset
 .   Configurable through Pipe Network  and PLCopen for motion     Master Axis    calculation
                                                                                    Position        Lock on
                                                                                  Axis position  Axis position  representation  MC_GearIn
                                                                                  calculation  of the master  MC_GearPos
                                                                                              axis position  MC_CamIn
                                                                                  OPTION 08H
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