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Servo Drive Accessories

                                                           Static Energy Storage
                                                           Our Static Energy Storage supplies the drive with power in the event of
                                                           power outages until the machine reaches a defined state. It generates
 Mating Connectors and Shielding Kit                       a power outage signal for evaluation by the machine control system.   SER
 Mating connectors
 Kollmorgen’s servo drives are equipped with screwable mating   Simple connection to the DC intermediate circuit with two cables;   V
 connectors. Alternative connectors for common DC, bus, and main   immediately ready for use; no adjustment; no controls. Cascade for   O
 ports are also available. We offer shielding kits for our flexible cables   nearly unlimited power range
 for use in environments with strong interference.                                                                      DRIVE A
                                                           Braking Energy Storage
 Shielding kit  Cable clamps
                                                           Our Braking Energy Storage saves Energy through Intelligent Energy
                                                           Feedback. Substantial saving, especially in applications with short cycle   CCESSORIES
                                                           times. Simple connection to DC intermediate circuit. Simple start-up –
                                                           immediately ready for use; no adjustment; no controls. Nearly unlimited
                                                           power range with expansion modules

 Shielding Solutions
 AKD servo drives can be equipped with shielding plates.

                                                           I/O Control Box and Breakout Adapter

                                                           Our I/O Control Box is pre-populated with I/O switches and a power
                                                           connection for quicker prototyping.
             Screw lock adapter
             for auxiliary connection

 Brake Resistors
                                                           Motion Bus and Service Port Cables
 We offer a full line of brake resistors up to 6000 watts. Brake resistors
 are impedance matched with AKD and are available in many sizes and   We offer industrial shielded PUR cables with RJ45 connections for
 form factors.                                             demanding industrial environments. These cables outperform office
                                                           cables in EMC resilience, durability, and life.

 Chokes and Filters
                                                           CANopen  Accessories
 Line filters are offered to improve reliability and to protect the life of the
 machine in less stable environments. Motor chokes reduce radiated emissions   We offer cables, terminators and adapters for simple integration with
 and are recommended for applications with cable lengths  >25 meters.  CANopen machine networks.
 LEFT: Line filter
 RIGHT: Motor choke

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