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Capabilities to Meet Your Needs  Proven Design Capabilities

 Kollmorgen offers 5-day lead-time on nearly 1,000,000 commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, all with best-in-class   Motor Solutions  Drive Solutions
 performance and quality.
            •  Brushed, brushless and stepper motor building blocks used in   •  Board-level or packaged solutions supporting single to multi-axis
 When COTS is not quite the best way to realize a totally optimized system, Kollmorgen can offer co-engineered solutions to     frameless or housed configurations   configurations
 meet your most difficult challenges and advance your competitive position. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise,   •  Designed for agency compliance (UL, CE, RoHS)  •  Brushed or brushless servo drives, stepper, AC induction control
 our engineering support team will work alongside you to build a solution that differentiates your machine and improves your   •  Voltage ratings from 48 Vdc – 600 Vdc, with capabilities in   •  Integrated controller and communications options
 bottom line.    800 Vdc and up                                 •  Designed for agency approvals (UL 508C, EN 50178, EN 61000-6-6,
            •  Continuous torques from 0.5 Nm – 29,000 Nm         EN 61800-3, CISPR 14-1, and others available)
 Here are just few examples of how Kollmorgen delivers real value to companies likes yours:
            •  Proven performance and reliability in a customizable package  •  Proprietary technology and software can be embedded into the drive

 What You Need  Why Motion Matters  Kollmorgen Co-Engineering Results                                                   OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS

 30% Increase in Throughput  • Low inertia servo motors  Using the Kollmorgen Automation Suite  graphical
 • High bandwidth servo loops  camming design tool, Pipe Network  and low-
 inertia AKM  servo motors, a major supplier of
 • Simple, accurate, graphical programming tools  diabetic test labs increased throughput by more
 than 30% while improving accuracy and reducing
 50% Increase in Accuracy and Quality  • Low cogging frameless servo motor  Using our AKD  servo drive, a next-generation CT
 • Advanced observers and bi-quad filters  scanning manufacturer achieved more than 50%
 improvement in velocity ripple to produce the most
 • Fast control loop update rates (.67µs)  accurate and detailed medical images possible
 while overcoming an extremely high moment of
 25% Increase in Reliability   • Innovative Cartridge Direct Drive Rotary    Using Kollmorgen’s award-winning Cartridge DDR    Medical diagnostics drive optimized for form-factor, I/O and EMC  Frameless direct drive rotary motor  Custom submersible motor
                                                       with water cooling features

 (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)  DDR motor  servo motor technology, we eliminated more than
 • Eliminating parts on the machine  60 parts in a die-cutting machine and increased
 the OEE by 25% and throughput by 20%.
 • No additional wearing components
 50% Reduction in Waste  • Superior motor/drive system bandwidth  We helped a manufacturer of pharmaceutical
 • DDR technology:  packaging machines incorporate Housed DDR
     – eliminates gearbox  motors to increase the throughput by 35% and
     – 20X more accurate than geared solution  reduce scrap by more than 50% through more
 accurate alignment of the capsules.

 Optimized Solutions Process
 Comprehensive design, manufacture and test capabilities ensure the end product meets the customer performance specifications and quality requirements.
 Our skilled engineering team works directly with each customer throughout the process, quickly taking the prototype to full production.
            2-axis drive for high-power robotics, optimized for form-factor   200 kW electric starter/generator  4-axis stepper drive using SynqNet
                    and communications interface
 Product Planning  Production  Delivery

            Motors and Electronics
 Project   Preparation  Design  Implementation  Validation  Pre-Production &   Project  Post-Launch   Optimized for  Application
 Proposal  Launch Readiness  Conclusion  Tracking
                            Reliability, weight                       Implantable heart pumps, military, remote equipment
                               Precision                               Pick and place, satellite tracking, film processing
 > Project directive  > Project definition  > Project specifications  > Verification records  > Verification records  > Acceptance from    > Final report
 > Market and financial  > Requirement   > Preliminary product   > CAR  > Operation readiness      customer  > Post launch  Package size  Medical imaging, ground based telescopes, aircraft instrumentation, collaborative robotics
   analysis    specifications    test specifications  > Design readiness     checklist  > Readiness checklist    tracking plan  Smooth operation  Medical respirators, high precision robotics, printing and textile machines
 > Project cost estimate   > Preliminary  > Verifications planning    checklist  > Pre-production plan  > Supplier tracking plan
   engineering  > Operations plan  > Implementation   > Component approval   Harsh environments  Deep sea, outer space, high shock and vibration, extreme temperatures
 > Design specifications     description    matrix

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