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Optimized Solutions

 Applying Our Knowledge

 to Meet Your Motion   Optimized Solutions

 Needs      Whether it’s modifying a product from our standard catalog or a white sheet design for a custom solution, you can rely on

 Optimize the   Meet the Most   decades of Kollmorgen expertise to solve your motion challenges and help your machine stand out from the crowd.
 Package,   Challenging   Modified Standard                     Customer Visibility Throughout the Entire Process

 Performance   Requirements  Because our application expertise runs deep and our product portfolio is   A communicative and proactive approach keeps you updated and aware
              so broad, we can take any standard product and modify it a lot or a little
                                                                of what is required throughout, what it will cost, and what to expect for
 and Features  Reduce   to suit many needs – in a very rapid time frame. This approach ensures   design testing         OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS
              quality, performance and reliability by leveraging our proven track record.
 Waste and    Kollmorgen application engineers have a great deal of experience   This not only puts you in charge of approving any modifications before
                                                                installation, but ensures the product is up and running quickly, with
              helping OEM engineers achieve their objectives: Typical motor
 Costs        modifications include shaft, housing, winding and through-bore   minimal development time and maximum value.
              alterations; feedback type; mounting and connectors; ruggedization   Engineering Excellence
 •  We provide solutions that   •  Designs are developed for   (high-shock-and-vibration), vacuum-duty, radiation-hardened, explosion-  What really sets us apart is our engineering expertise. With over 50
              proof. Typical drive modifications include housing, mounting and heat-
 meet your needs, including   manufacturability.  sinking; connector type; I/O type- and count; field buses and motion   years of successfully designing custom motors, we are able to quickly
 the ability to get optimum   •  Designing and manufacturing   buses; special cabling; ruggedization (high-shock-and-vibration).  assess, design and implement a solution that meets your needs.
 performance for the smallest   unique products are our core   Custom Products  Our engineers have an average tenure of 20 years, which means they
 package size.  •  We have thousands of proven   competency.  With motion as our core capability, we bring a significant history of   have designed solutions for almost every unique and challenging
                                                                situation. Their insightfulness and expertise will guide you through the
 •  Our products deliver superior   designs upon which to build   •  We have the broadest   innovation to today’s engineering challenges. We leverage our design   development and implementation of an optimized motor solution.
              and engineering excellence and technical knowledge to deliver creative
 quality, through-put, efficiency,   new solutions. Our application   capabilities in the industry.  new solutions for virtually any need. Our vast experience also helps us   We rely on the most advanced simulation tools to deliver the best
 and performance.  experience expedites the   deliver a custom product in a surprisingly short time. If you can conceive   products, designed to withstand the most unique and challenging
 design cycle, which enables   it, we can make it happen.       environments:
 you to be fully operational                                         •  3-D Modeling –ProE
 sooner.      Project Management                                     •  Finite Element Analysis
              We follow a structured development process from initial concept to   –Electromagnetics
 •  Great value is delivered in the   volume production. This enables us to provide a complete solution from   –Structural (stress, vibration, fatigue)
 final product.  design to implementation.                              –Thermal
                                                                     •  Speed
              Our skilled engineering team is assigned to each project and ensures a   •  Infolytica
              high quality product, designed and delivered on time, successfully taking   •  Ansys
              the prototype to full production.
                                                                     •  Magneto
                    •  Dedicated Resources & Equipment
                    •  Real Time Customer Collaboration
                    •  Validation of Performance, Cost & Manufacturability
                     Before Volume Production
 Compete and Win

               Why You Should Partner with Kollmorgen
 Kollmorgen can translate your needs, from design to installation, into a custom   •  Experienced application engineers help define a customer’s needs and identify the optimal Kollmorgen products and technologies
 motion solution that makes your end product more competitive  •  Products optimized or developed by cross-functional teams to meet customer needs
  – driving market share and profitability for your company.  •  Rapid prototyping
               •  Smooth transition from prototype designs to sustainable and cost effective manufacturing
 For flexible production runs, from high volume to one piece, Kollmorgen provides   •  Industry-proven quality, performance, and delivery
 on optimized solution that fits your needs – perfectly.  •  Proven technology building blocks mitigate risks of customization

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