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Optimized Solutions

                                      Applying Our Knowledge

                                          to Meet Your Motion


                  Optimize the                                                      Meet the Most
                     Package,                                                         Challenging

                  Performance                                                        Requirements
                  and Features                          Reduce

                                                      Waste and


            •  We provide solutions that                                         •  Designs are developed for
              meet your needs, including                                           manufacturability.
              the ability to get optimum                                         •  Designing and manufacturing
              performance for the smallest                                         unique products are our core
              package size.                   •  We have thousands of proven       competency.

            •  Our products deliver superior    designs upon which to build      •  We have the broadest
              quality, through-put, efficiency,   new solutions. Our application   capabilities in the industry.
              and performance.                  experience expedites the
                                                design cycle, which enables
                                                you to be fully operational
                                              •  Great value is delivered in the
                                                final product.

                                             Compete and Win

                         Kollmorgen can translate your needs, from design to installation, into a custom
                                motion solution that makes your end product more competitive
                                   – driving market share and profitability for your company.

                        For flexible production runs, from high volume to one piece, Kollmorgen provides
                                     on optimized solution that fits your needs – perfectly.

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