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Standard PMDC Motor Features

                                                                                         Conduit box (gasketed) –
                                                                                         large wiring compartment
                                                                                         for easy termination
                Patented anti-coggging magnets for
                smooth low speed operation. High
                overcurrent capacity and dynamic                                                                        PMDC PERMANENT MA
                braking without demagnetization

                                                                                           TEFC (fan-cooled) and TENV
                                                                                           (non-vented) configurations
                                                                                                                        PMDC PERMANENT MA
             Polyester impregnated armature for
             electrical and mechanical integrity

                                                                                              Rugged, fused commutator  GNET DC MO

                                                                                                                        GNET DC MO
            Class H insulation                                                                                          T
                                                                                                 Long life, constant force
                                                                                                 brush springs with field
                                                                                                 replaceable brushes

            Large sealed bearings                                                            Environmentally protected
            are standard                                                                     models – Explosion Proof
                                                                                             and Washdown Duty

                                                                                       Permanent magnet fields are more
                                                                                       efficient, smaller, lighter and offer wider
                                                                                       speed range than comparable wound
             NEMA or metric mounting                                                   field motors

                                                                                                                TM TM
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