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DS Series precision tables can be ordered in a variety of multi-axis
            configurations including XY, XZ, and XYZ or cartesian arrangements.
            Consult Kollmorgen applications engineering for standard and custom

            A second option is to order standard multi-axis brackets and assemble the
            axes yourself.

                                                                            All DS4 and DS6 tables will bolt directly together in a   LINEAR A
            Unique IDEAL-SEAL Magnetic Cover Strip Locking Device           standard XY without modification.
            •  Entire length of lead screw and linear bearing system are protected, providing                           CTU
              both operator safety and protection from contaminants.
            •   Seal strips are always properly tensioned, drastically decreasing wear that requires                    A
              regular field repair.                                                                                     ORS
            •   Allows easy access to interior of DS4 for mounting and maintenance.
            •   No small hardware or springs to lose, and no exposure to the sharp
              ends of the strips, which are problems for similar seal end-cap designs.  Seal Strips

            Configurable Options                                                                                        PRECISION

             DS  Series                                                                                                 T
             Servo motor options     AKM23D, AKM42G

             Grades                  Precision* (up to 600 mm), commercial
             Motor orientations      In-line, parallel right/left/under
             Couplings options** (inline configurations)  Bellows
                                                                            Limit Sensor                                ABLES DS4/DS6 SERIES
             Transmission ratio (parallel configurations)  1:1

             Limit sensors           PNP (sinking) inductive proximity sensors, 5-30 Vdc
             Home sensor             PNP (sinking) inductive proximity sensors, 5-30 Vdc
             Shaft brake             Electromagnetic power of holding brake, 24 Vdc
             Linear encoder options  1.0, 0.5 and 0.1 motion resolution, modular incremental type

             * Additional lead time applies to precision grade. Contact customer support for details.
             ** Additional couplings available. Contact customer support for details.

            Accessories                                                     Linear Encoder
             DS  Series

                                     Provide convenient external mounting to a base plate or to
             Toe clamps
                                     riser blocks
                                     Raise unit for clearance of larger motor options, utilizing
             Narrow riser blocks
                                     internal base mounting features on the side
                                     Allow rising of the unit, independent of base mounting
             Wide riser blocks
             Brackets and mounting plates  Facilitate multi-axis configurations
             Cable sets              For connection to AKD and other drives
                                                                            Toe Clamp

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