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Rodless Actuators R-Series


            The name rodless actuator comes from this technology’s close relationship to electric cylinders, sharing many of the same
            components. Rather than having a rod, rodless actuators incorporate a carriage supported by linear bearings. Where electric
            cylinders are designed to extend in and out of the work area delivering force or thrust, rodless actuators are designed to be load
            carrying mechanisms (up to 300 lb) incorporating ballscrews, leadscrews, or belt drive transmissions with optional integrated
            Rodless actuators also share many of the fundamental design characteristics of precision positioning tables. Precision tables are
            designed to carry larger payloads and deliver superior repeatability and accuracy. Rodless actuators offer longer travels and higher
            speeds at a lower price. Screw driven rodless actuators are also thrust-producing devices that are best for axial force applications
            where the space is limited and a payload must also be supported or carried. As individual components, rodless actuators are not
            well suited for moment loading; however, they can be effectively combined into complete Cartesian systems for some multi-axis
            applications. For higher speed, lower thrust applications, rodless actuators can be repeatability-driven with a timing belt instead of a

            Kollmorgen has combined the broad product offering of the R-Series rodless actuators with the industry-leading AKM servo motors
            and AKD servo drives. The R-Series of rodless actuators offer a wide range of available thrusts in standard units with three basic
            frame sizes (R2A, R3, R4).

            Rodless actuators offer longer travels (up to 108") and higher speeds (belt drives up to a maximum speed of 120 in/sec). Integrated
            geared options provide the ability to increase thrust capacity for lower speed applications leveraging the speed capacity of servo

            Multiple servo motor options are available for the product line, ranging from NEMA 23 size to NEMA 42 size servos. The combination
            with the AKM servo motor enables the use of various feedback devices including sine-encoder and the low-cost but high-
            performance Smart Feedback Device (SFD) when used with the AKD servo drive.

            The AKM servo motor comes mounted on the rodless actuators as specified by the rodless actuator part number. This eliminates
            time to match the motor to the electric cylinder and eliminates potential mechanical incompatibility.

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