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Development  Lifecycle

 A fully integrated development environment (IDE) provides the tools you need to develop everything   Kollmorgen is committed to helping you maximize the productivity and profitability of your machine
 from PLC and motion programs to HMI and device setup – all in one place. It’s easier to learn and use,   across an extended lifecycle. Design and build today, with confidence for a full return on investment
 eliminates the need for multiple programs and data stores, and helps you bring a higher-quality   for years to come.
 machine to market faster.                                                                                              K
 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  Continual Development Testing                                                OLLMORGEN A

            Kollmorgen develops, tests, and continually validates all new products
 .  Our fully integrated programming environment incorporates standard IEC61131-3 compliant tools.  to ensure compatibility and performance, in the Kollmorgen ecosystem.
 .   Use our network configurator and predefined user blocks to streamline development and ensure
                                                                                                                        OLLMORGEN A
 programming quality.                                                                                                   UT
 Our IDE offers two powerful programming methods and a complete set of tools for simulating,                            OMA
 testing and optimizing motion.                                                                                         TION
 Embedded Motion  Integrated Tools
 .    Choose PLCopen for motion if you   Scope motion parameters                                                        SUITE
 already use this industry standard   to fine-tune performance
 in your existing products, and   and synchronization,
 want to continue using it within   portrayed with up to eight
 the Kollmorgen Automation Suite   channels and flexible
 programming environment.  mapping of variables.

 Embedded wiring   Maintenance Support Tools                    Software and Hardware Security
 diagrams and one-  One-click motion
 click IO variable   simulation using virtual   Our tools give end-users the ability to remotely verify   Password protection for source code and hardware
 mapping makes drive   axes alongside real axes   continuous operation and communicate issues effectively.  connectivity provides security for both OEMs and end-users.
 Pipe Network ™  for quick development and
 integration easy.
 Kollmorgen Visual Programming for Motion

 Pipe Network ™

 Kollmorgen Visual Motion Programming

 .   Choose Kollmorgen’s exclusive
 Pipe Network  for the quickest,   ™
 Pipe Network
 easiest way to represent
 mechanical systems in software
 Visual Programming for Motion
 – using drag-and-drop tools   Complete motion system configuration from one location with    Protect source code
 to create an intuitive visual   embedded AKD Workbench allows configuration of all servo   Built-in, mobile-ready webserver provides performance    Protect network access
 representation.  drives over EtherCat .  information with no software required

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