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Micron  TRUE Planetary  Gearbox

                Planetary Gearbox Technology

              Helical gears are known for their quiet and smooth operation along with their ability to transmit higher loads than
              spur gears. Both of these features of helical gearing result from the improved contact ratio (effective teeth in mesh)
              over spur gears.

              A high torque, whisper quiet helical gearbox has been designed by combining the positive attributes of gear crowning
              and helical gearing with the planetary construction to create the smoothest operating gearbox on the market.
              •  Broadest product range of gearboxes in the industry

              •   Innovative gear technology offers size and performance advantages
              •   RediMount  system provides error-free and reliable installations
              Helical Crowned TRUE Planetary  Gearing             PowerTRUE  Right Angle Gearboxes
              Features                                            •   Lower backlash from single axis mesh adjustment
              •  High torque capacity    •  Greater load sharing  •   A compact design using face gear technology
              •  Low backlash            •  Whisper quiet         •  Whisper quiet operation due to high contact ratio
              •  Smooth operation                                 •  Mesh ratios from 1:1 to 5:1
                                                                  •  Extremely efficient (98%)
              Spur vs. Helical Gearing
              Typical contact ratio is 1.5 for spur gearing.
              Contact ratio for equivalent helical gear is 3.3 –
              more than double the contact ratio.

              Crowned vs. Non-Crowned                            PowerTRUE™ gear technology  Computerized mapping of gear tooth profile
              Crowning optimizes the gear mesh alignment within a gear train to            All Micron right angle
              increase the torque capacity and reduce noise. It also enhances load         gearboxes use the
              distribution on the tooth flank to reduce high stress regions.
                                                                                           PowerTRUE technology
                                                                                           which increases the mesh
                      High stress region   Even load distribution                          ratio to 5:1 compared to
                                                                                           a maximum of 3:1 typical
                                                                                           in bevel gears.

               Non-Crowned             Crowned                                             Multiple teeth in the face
                                                                                           gear simultaneously mesh
                                                                                           with a standard involute
                                                                                           pinion. The continuous tooth
                                                                                           engagement yields a high
                                                                                           contact ratio between the
                                                                                           gear and the pinion, increasing
                                                                                           torque and efficiency.

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