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Hybrid PMX Step Motor

            Kollmorgen’s PMX  stepper motor line delivers breadth and
            design flexibility at competitive lead times.

            Kollmorgen is excited to continue its winning heritage in
            hybrid stepper motors with the PMX family. Leveraging
            the best practices from customer preferred products in the
            POWERMAX and POWERPAC  families, the PMX lines will
            deliver breadth and design flexibility at a very competitive
            lead time. Look no further for that hybrid stepper motor
            family with local support that gives you the flexibility you
            need to succeed.

            PMX Series motors include smaller Nema 08, 11, and 14
            frame sizes in addition to the traditional Nema 17, 23, and
            34 frame sizes. Each frame size is built with high quality
            construction in an affordable, market competitive solution.
            Numerous co-engineering options are also available                PMX Stepper Motors
            including: customizing shafts, encoders, and mounted spur
            and planetary gearboxes.

                     •  Increased Design Flexibility – six frame sizes (08, 11, 14, 17, 23, 34) each with several stack length and
                       winding options available
                     •  Minimal Drive Adjustments – options for 1.8 and 0.9 degree step angles
                     •  Lower Unit Cost – PMX motors are priced competitively in today’s current stepper market and are the lowest
                       of all Kollmorgen stepper products
                     •  Quality Construction translates to reliability in the field and a long service life

                     •  Localized Support gives you the delivery terms and immediate technical support you need, meaning quicker
                       time to market and less downtime
                     •  Flexible Manufacturing enables Kollmorgen to immediately evaluate modifications and co-engineered
                       solutions for rapid prototyping

                     •  Easy to Apply Worldwide – CE, RoHS, REACH

            Many Applications
            PMX motors allow Kollmorgen customers to fulfill their automation needs at an affordable cost, enabling higher throughput in a wide variety
            of equipment. In addition, leveraging Kollmorgen’s technical expertise and flexible engineering, the PMX is ready for seamless special and co-
            engineering options, allowing for swifter and easier integration into both new and existing applications.

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