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               AKI HMI   AKD PDMM   AKT I/O         AKD Servo Drive      AKD Servo Drive                AKT I/O         K
                                              Seamlessly add additional axes and AKD
           Programmable Drive Multi-Axis Master   PDMM serves as a high-performance
           PDMM (“M” Option)                  multi-axis machine controller
                                                                                                                        OLLMORGEN A
           • Scalable solution for use as a single-axis drive  • SD card for easy backup and system updates             UT
             with integrated programmable automation                                                                    OMA
             controller                       • IoT-enabled integrated webserver for
                                                diagnostics and troubleshooting from any
           • Choose from all five IEC 61131-3 languages  computer or mobile device                                      TION
             for soft PLC process programming  • Provide true synchronized-path control of up
           • Program motion using your choice of PLCopen  to 16 axes
             for motion or our innovative Pipe Network ™                                                                SUITE
           • 4KHz PLC scan rate and EtherCAT  updates  • Reduce cabinet size and wiring requirements
                                                with a single, compact package
           • Complete line of HMI panels with integrated  • Easily manage remote I/O and the I/O of all
             software to simplify GUI development  attached drives via EtherCAT ®
           • Exclusive function blocks, such as “wait,”  • Use industry standard PLCopen for motion, or
             enable your program to act as a scanning or  step up to Kollmorgen’s Pipe Network  to
             sequential language                program sophisticated camming and gearing
           • On-board I/O includes 17 digital (with 2 high  applications in a matter of minutes
                  Pipe Network
             speed inputs) and 2 analog     ™
           • Connects to AKT  network I/O for nearly
             unlimited expandability
                  Kollmorgen Visual Programming for Motion
                  Pipe Network              ™              1

                  Kollmorgen Visual Motion Programming
            • Accelerate development by programming  2
             weeks Pipe Network
             tasks in hours that would otherwise take ™

                  Visual Programming for Motion
            • Improved coding quality through visual            4
             programming and by using pre-built modules
             that have been thoroughly tested and    5
            • Easy knowledge transfer, replacing pages of
             complex code with easily understood
             graphical representations         Pipe Network provides a one-to-one translation of a mechanical system into a logical world as shown in the
                                               Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine above. Click and build your motion program in minutes, or contact Kollmorgen
            • Available on PDMM controllers    for examples of common machine architectures to further accelerate your development.

 Single-Axis    Programming                                         Multi-Axis Programming

                                                                                                                TM TM
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