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Stepper Drives and Motors

            Our stepper motors, drives and controllers, which accommodate a wide
            range of power requirements, provide a high-performance, yet very cost-

            effective solution when you need precise motion control.

            Our hybrid stepper motors are some of the highest torque-density motors in

            the industry. Available in several NEMA frame sizes, these 2 phase stepper

            motors inherently move in small, precise 0.9 or 1.8 degree increments (400 or
            200 steps/revolution). This stepping action is simple to control and does not

            require complicated, expensive feedback devices. Our stepper motors are
            excellent alternatives to pneumatic, hydraulic and servo motor systems.

            Kollmorgen’s stepper drives are designed with versatility, ease-of-use, and
            cost-effectiveness in mind. Choose from a broad range of advanced drives

            and controls including full, half, and microstepping models in both modular

            and packaged designs.

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