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KBM Series Overview    KBM(S) Continuous Torque Overview

 Kollmorgen, the global leader in direct drive motor technology, is pleased to offer KBM series frameless brushless motors. With a wide   Select from our wide variety of sizes and torque ranges to suit your application needs.
 variety of sizes and torque ranges available, KBM models are engineered to provide the high-performance, long life and simple installation
 that today’s design engineers demand.
                                                            Tc in Nm
 Quality Construction  Rotor Hub Material  0.10       1.00                  10.00                100.00
 Standard configuration KBM(S) rotor hubs are constructed from non-                                    01 stack         SER
 • Fully encapsulated stator windings  KBM(S)-10XXX-X
 plated cold rolled steel. If special plating, coating, cleaning or alternate                          02 stack         V
 • 155°C internal winding temperature continuous capability
 • PTC thermistor (avalanche-type) overload protection  material is desired, Kollmorgen engineers must confirm feasibility and   KBM(S)-14XXX-X  03 stack  O MO
 • High performance magnets  pricing adjustment prior to quotation.                                    04 stack         T
 • Fail-safe bands over rotor magnets*  Stator Sleeve Material                                         05 stack         ORS
 • RoHS compliant  Standard configuration KBM(S)-10, 14, 17, 25, 35, 45, 163 and 260 size   KBM(S)-17XXX-X
 stators are designed with uncoated aluminum sleeves around the stator
 Available Options (No engineering fees apply)
 lamination stack. If special coating or plating is desired for the aluminum   KBM(S)-25XXX-X
                                                                                                                        KBM(S) CONTINUOUS
 Sensor Feedback (KBMS models)  stator sleeve, Kollmorgen engineers must confirm feasibility and pricing                T
 Latching digital hall effect sensors are pre-aligned and factory installed   adjustment prior to quotation. Stator sleeves are only utilized for the   KBM(S)-35XXX-X
 on the lead end of the stator. Wiring instructions and electrical timing   sizes listed above.                         ORQUE O
 diagrams are included in this selection guide. KBMS models include   KBM(S)-43XXX-X
 added axial rotor length to achieve proper sensor triggering.  Agency UL Information                                   VER
 KBM(S) motors are designed to facilitate UL certification in the
 Choice of Insulation System  customer’s higher-level assembly. Stator insulation systems are   KBM(S)-45XXX-X          VIEW
 S (standard) – acceptable for applications up to 240 Vac drive  constructed entirely from agency-approved materials and are designed
 amplifier supply.  in full compliance with agency creepage and clearance dimensional   KBM(S)-57XXX-X
 H (high voltage) – required for applications >240 Vac and up to  guidelines. Dielectric strength between winding circuit and grounded   KBM Series Frameless Motors
 480 Vac drive amplifier supply.  metal stator surface is tested at agency-specified voltage level. Because
 a frameless motor’s compliance with agency requirements is dependent
 Allowed Modifications (Engineering fees apply.   10  100                   1000                 10000
 upon correct installation and proper design of the surrounding enclosure
 Consult Kollmorgen Customer Support for guidance or to obtain a   by the user, KBM(S) series products are not formally labeled or agency-  KBM(S)-60XXX-X  00 stack
 quotation. Unit price increase may apply, depending upon extent of   approved at the frameless motor level.  01 stack
 modification.)                                                                                        02 stack         T
                                                                                                                        KBM SERIES FRAMELESS BRUSHLESS MO
                     KBM(S)-79XXX-X                                                                                     OR
                                                                                                       03 stack
 Special Windings
                                                                                                       04 stack
 Motor windings may be optimized to provide desired speed and torque
 performance according to the unique voltage and current requirements                                  05 stack
 of a customer’s application. Kollmorgen engineers must confirm
 electrical feasibility and manufacturability of each special winding   KBM(S)-118XXX-X
 arrangement prior to quotation.
 Special Rotor Hub Dimensions
 Rotor hubs may be provided with special customer-designated hole
 patterns, mounting features or smaller inner bore diameters. Standard   KBM(S)-260XXX-X
 KBM(S) models shown within this selection guide include the largest
 available inner rotor bore diameter.

 * Does not apply to KBM 163 and KBM 260.  For more detailed information please visit:

                                                                                                                TM TM
 6  1-540-633-3545  www                                                                                               105 7
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