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The Benefits of KBM Frameless Motors
              • Industry-Leading Frameless Motor Performance    • Advanced electromagnetic designs deliver maximum torque
                                                                • density which minimizes required motor space envelope  SER
                                                                • Extremely smooth rotation with minimal cogging and low total
                                                                • harmonic distortion (THD)                             V
                                                                • Broad operating speed range and rapid acceleration  KBM FRAMELESS MO  O MO

              • Quality Construction Ensures Reliability and Safe Operation  • Redundant magnet attachment to rotor on high-speed models –   T
                                                                • adhesive bonding and high-strength banding
                                                                • 155°C motor winding temperature rating with integral thermistor
                                                                • allows continuous safe operation for demanding applications
                                                                • Designed with UL-recommended insulation systems to simplify  T
                                                                • system regulatory approval
                                                                • RoHS compliant material selection
                                                                • Compliant with Harmonized Type C Standards EN60034-1:2004 -
                                                                • Rotating Electrical Machines and where appropriate in
                                                                • accordance to the Low Voltage Directive 2006-95-EC

              • Highly Configurable Design Minimizes Time to Solution  • 14 frame sizes with multiple stack lengths     KBM SERIES FRAMELESS BRUSHLESS MO
                                                                • Standard sensor feedback using Hall effect sensors
                                                                • Standard high and low voltage insulation
                                                                • Multiple standard windings with custom windings available upon
                                                                • request
                                                                • Mechanical interface changes easily accommodated      T


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