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Kollmorgen Product Selectors


Conventional Rotary Motors

High and low voltage designs, low to medium inertia types, multiple frame sizes, many feedback device options.
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 AKD image small  

AC Servo Drives

Single and multi-axis control, low to high current output, single and 3F AC inputs, multiple fieldbus options.
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Direct Drive Rotary Motors

Direct load connection, no maintenance, low cogging rotation, multiple feedback options.
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 AKM-Gearmotor Small  

AKM Gearmotors

Our industry leading AKM™ servomotors coupled with Micron TRUE Planetary™ gearheads. 
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 Electric Cylinders - EC1 Small  

Electric Cylinders

High precision systems with parallel and inline mounting; gearbox or timing belt; DC, stepper or AC servomotors.
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 IC Series Ironcore (DDL) small image  

Direct Drive Linear Motors

Frameless, ironcore or ironless (slotless) versions, patented anti-cogging design for smooth motion.
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 PowerMax small image

Stepper Motors

2F step motors with 1.8° stepping increments, microstepping capability with SIGMAX® technology on most models.
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 P7000 small image

Stepper Drives

AC/DC input versions, microstepping capability up to 20,000 steps/rev, step and direction inputs.
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