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Kollmorgen svolge un ruolo da protagonista nella rivoluzione dell'Industria 4.0 con soluzioni per la robotica e i veicoli a guida automatica e con 2.000 persone impiegate in tutto il mondo. La nostra infrastruttura, conoscenza intellettuale, passione ed esperienza sono la testimonianza della nostra ricerca dell'eccellenza nel motion. E vediamo grandi opportunità nella nostra propensione alla customizzazione.

Perché lavorare per noi?

Abbiamo aiutato gli ingegneri a costruire il primo cuore artificiale autonomo. Il nostro know-how e le nostre soluzioni di ingegnerizzazione hanno prodotto il primo telaio a getto d’aria in Cina e per due decenni siamo stati pionieri della tecnologia dei motori ibridi per il trasporto.

Lavoriamo insieme per vincere insieme.

Scopri i valori e la cultura della nostra azienda.

Il nostro Team

Technical Coordinator
Niclas, Kollmorgen Sweden

I’m “defined” by extreme action sports. Whether snowboarding off-piste or surfing the extreme waves of nature, I love the challenge of uncertainty.

Although some might see action sports as quite the opposite of engineering, my tech-nerd side lives in harmony with my other self. My home houses at least 6 computers and a lot of tech gear. - I’m a dare devil and tech-nerd at that same time.

My role at Kollmorgen is to make the impossible possible. I coordinate with our engineering partners daily to move projects forward. Projects are constantly evolving and we're always learning. I’m never bored, although I’m a very impatient type of guy. The best part is when I’m clueless right in the middle of a new complex problem. It’s in some way like riding that crazy wave of nature - The larger the challenge, the better.

Studied: Industrial Engineering, Linnaeus University

Product Marketing Manager
Samuel, Kollmorgen Sweden

What I enjoy most about my work is the constant need to be coherent with the marketplace. The business is booming and my role of finding opportunities and then addressing them with insights is really interesting and rewarding. My main work is to analyze and connect the dots. To segment and position a strong portfolio of products to the future market.

One thing that motivates me in this global environment is all the great people you meet. Not only colleagues, but stakeholders from all over the world.

Studied: Industrial Management and Engineering, The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University

Senior Software Engineer
Lars, Kollmorgen Sweden

When you find yourself explaining complex software details to your non-tech friends, and they all look like giant question marks, then you know you are a full-blood techie. Fortunately, around here, I am not alone!

 I develop and upgrade systems for optimum performance through continuous iterations. The best thing about this place is that things are developing all the time. Literally, whatever code we write, it directly shows up in the real world, immediately impacting our test vehicles’ behavior. That’s pretty cool! And I can’t imagine another workplace with this many nice and competent colleagues! I’ve been here a long time now, and I’m planning on staying.

Studied: Computer Science, Chalmers University of Technology

Le nostre sedi e opportunità lavorative

Kollmorgen, Italia

Kollmorgen, Italia

La sede di Kollmorgen Italia è a Nova Milanese, alle porte di Monza, famosa per la sua Villa Reale e il bellissimo parco, non lontano da Milano e Como, rinomate in tutto il mondo come centri di business, moda e design.

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