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Slicing and Interleaving

No place for pathogens to hide. That’s the ideal when your job is to ensure bacteria can’t find a way into your food products. It’s especially true for the machines that prepare ready-to-eat (RTE) sliced and interleaved products, such as single-serving meat and cheese.

Are You Trading Productivity for Cleanliness?

When you're required to wash the equipment down daily – or multiple times per day – the effort to reach pathogens in every potential hiding place can seriously detract from your productive uptime. Removing motor covers, scrubbing at housing nameplate seams, replacing motors that have become corroded and contaminated with harsh washdown solutions – it all adds up, and seriously subtracts from your productivity. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

No Place to Hide Means Less Time To Clean.

Our stainless steel, washdown-ready servo motors reduce cleaning time per axis from 20 minutes to 3 in a typical application. If your machine has 4 motors that need to be cleaned on each of 3 shifts, you’re looking at over 1,200 hours per year in additional productive uptime. If you application uses gearheads, our stainless steel AquaTRUE™ Series reduces cleaning time even further.

These motors and gearheads both feature a seamlessly smooth cylindrical design and a laser-etched nameplate, so thorough washdowns and test swabs are much easier to perform – with no disassembly required. And the IP67 or IP69K seals and corrosion-resistant housings will continue to endure frequent washdowns and harsh chemicals for years to come.

Clean It Faster. Make It Last Longer.

Our innovative cable tube design makes cleaning even easier by reducing the complexity of the machine and preventing pressure differentials from drawing water vapor and nasty bugs into the motor housing. And because we use the most effective and durable seals, we offer a warranty that’s twice as long as the industry standard. So frequent, harsh washdowns attack only the pathogens, not your process.



AKM Washdown and Food Grade

AKM Washdown and Washdown Food Series servo motors incorporate a protective 2-K coating, IP67-rated seals, stainless steel hardware, special greases and other materials designed for applications such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing where hygiene and frequent cleaning are critical requirements.

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The AKD PDMM® provides an integrated servo drive and automation controller. It combines one AKD servo axis, a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional axes, and the full automation capability of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ in a single, compact package.

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AKD® servo drives

AKD® servo drives provide industry-leading power density, performance and precision, and are available in washdown-duty decentralized versions for installation on the machine itself.

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AKM™ servo motors

AKM™ servo motors offer more than a million standard configurations, including food-grade, washdown-duty and stainless steel versions.

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Cartridge DDR® servo motors

Cartridge DDR® servo motors combine the space-saving and performance advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor, so food and beverage machines are easier to build and maintain.

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KBM™ Series motors

KBM™ Series frameless motors offer high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly for a lighter, more compact processing or packaging machine.

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