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Food & Beverage

Top-performing motors, drives and gearboxes designed to withstand the corrosive cleaners and high-pressure washdowns required to ensure regulatory compliance and food safety.

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Packaging & Converting

More precise cutting, folding and forming. Faster, more flexible changeover. Faster throughput. Minimal errors and scrap. Better motion makes the difference.

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From formulation, to tablet pressing and capsule filling, to packaging—Kollmorgen's pharmaceutical-grade and washdown-ready motion solutions drive higher quality and throughput.

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Material Forming

Material Forming

Design and build simpler, more compact material forming machines that save energy and maintenance costs while improving precision and product yield.

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Medical and Laboratory Automation

From the radiology department to the surgical table, better motion means better healthcare.

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Kollmorgen servo and stepper motion solutions play an important role in a variety of robots, including collaborative robots, industrial articulated robots, SCARA robots and surgical robots.

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The quality of the print depends on the quality of the motion. Deliver higher throughput and a flawless print job, with less waste.

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Tire & Rubber

For a perfect ride, tires need to be perfectly round, uniform and balanced. That's why manufacturers rely on Kollmorgen direct drive solutions.

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Postal Sorting

Hundreds of billions of letters sorted perfectly every day – a perfect fit for the speed, precision and reliability of Kollmorgen motion solutions.

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Automated Guided Vehicles

Work faster and safer while lowering labor costs. Kollmorgen provides complete hardware and software solutions for intelligently automating forklifts, transports and trailer-loading vehicles.

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