Our Micron® TRUE Planetary™ gearheads deliver a high torque-to-volume ratio, high torsional stiffness and a high radial load capacity. These self-lubricating, low backlash gearheads are available in a wide range of sizes and ratios to provide optimum inertia matching and precision for any application. We also offer complete gearmotors featuring our industry-leading AKM™ Series servo motors preassembled to a choice of Kollmorgen gearheads.

XTrue Medium

TRUE Planetary™ Gearheads

Our gearheads incorporate TRUE Planetary™ gearing for high torque capacity, smooth operation and minimal maintenance. So you can count on optimum performance, whether you need a general-purpose gearhead, an ultra-precise model, a washdown or food-grade version, or a complete gearmotor.

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