• New Food Safety Regulations: Preventative Controls Review Extended

    April 27, 2015, by Andy Hansbrough, P.E.

    Consumers expect safe food. The Feds expect a safe food supply chain-farm, processing, packaging, and distribution. As we all work to consistently meet consumer food safety expectations, the need to prevent and control food adulteration and/or contamination is present in every step of the supply chain. Our modern and globally expanding food and beverage processing and packaging industries have made and continue to make great strides in improving food safety by improving preventive, control, cleaning and sanitation methods.

  • 4 Tips for Mitigating Risk in Defense Programs

    September 26, 2014, by Mike Crowe

    Quality, Delivery and Cost (QD&C). These are the factors most used to determine the value of a supplier. They are also the aspects of performance that we can most easily calculate, compare and analyze. A green supplier scorecard that shows high OTD (on-time-delivery) and low DPM (defects per million), along with competitive pricing is the dream of both Buyer and Supply Chain Manager alike.

    In the high-stakes market of Military Defense products, however, this is not quite enough. With programs taking years to develop and often requiring decades of production and support there is another critical factor in evaluating a critical supplier. A company’s ability to minimize risk over the life of the program is of epic importance.

  • Whatever Happened to the Pacific Scientific Brand?

    April 01, 2016, by Josh Inman

    All those permanent magnet DC motors, synchronous motors, servo motors, servo drives, stepper drives, oh yeah, and remember the great stepper motors they offered? The one stepper motor was a weird shape. It was octagonal where others are square or round. Hard to forget that one!

  • Food Recall Hits Close to Home

    February 17, 2017, by Emily Blanchard

    On February 21st, a recall for a soft cheese was issued due to high amounts of Listeria monocytogenes. Virginia and Maryland have been investigating the products from the manufacturer, but the sad truth is there has been a death associated with this disease.

  • 3 Key Reasons for NOT Taking Shortcuts for Motor Repairs

    March 03, 2017, by Paul Coughlin

    Brushless AC servo motors and also stepper motors have long life spans, which are largely due to the lack of wearing components.