The Story of the Sphere

अप्रैल 28, 2017, by Emily Blanchard

So everyone’s heard the phrase “think outside the box.”

And at Kollmorgen we do that. But the reality is we have to think about inside the box. It’s our job to protect inside the box. Our OEMs need us to be ever conscious of inside the box so that the box works and is dependable. But OEMs also look outside the box - does it fit, is it smaller, what’s the advantage? And when our customer’s talk, we listen. It’s a core value for Kollmorgen. We also listened to our OEM’s customers, the end users, they talked while we listened. And during those conversations, we watched them trip over the boxes that we created. Boxes to be disassembled, boxes on the floor, boxes with bags over them, boxes within boxes. 

The SphereWe asked ourselves why? The point of a box is to hold stuff. They hold dust, they hold germs, they hold water, and they hold pathogens. We could merely think outside the box, but instead we chose to get rid of the box, choosing to bare it all! Some would call us crazy, but we are just thinking inside AND outside the box. 

Did you know the most hygienic shape is a sphere? It’s easy to clean; the germs can’t hold on, the bacteria can’t settle in, the pathogens have no place to call home. Listeria can’t pool in the edges or along the crevices. We took our box that our end users were tripping over (bagging, disassembling and cleaning) and designed with a sphere in mind. We made it smooth, rounded out the edges, eliminated the nooks and crannies, and removed hardware and connections. We still protect the inside but we are enabling the end users to protect the outside. They can get the boxes off the floor and bags off the machines. They can clean it off, spray it down, and go home…earlier. Then do it all again tomorrow night.

Kollmorgen enables innovators in food safety. How could the sphere help you innovate?

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