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Creating a great user experience, improving data acquisition and diagnostics are some of the many benefits of using a fieldbus. Fieldbuses communicate with a central control for easy system installation, maintenance and use.

Various fieldbus designs are used in industrial automation machines for specific purposes. Join us online to learn about the fieldbuses Kollmorgen uses and how to evaluate their suitability and benefits for your application.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How a fieldbus enables ease of use for customers, improves diagnostics and simplifies system monitoring
  • Why the open systems interconnection (OSI) model is important in all fieldbuses and how they are applied in industrial automation
  • How to unlock machine potential using Kollmorgen’s broad product portfolio to design systems using the most effective fieldbus offerings
Unlock Machine Potential with the Optimum Fieldbus

About the Presenter(s)

Ariel Mendoza
Ariel Mendoza

Ariel Mendoza is an Application Engineer with more than seven years of Kollmorgen experience. He applies his product and application knowledge to help engineers achieve the full potential of their machine designs, from choosing the optimum fieldbus protocol to fine-tuning drive performance. In addition to setting up, testing and troubleshooting servo control systems, he enjoys training others on the principles of high-performance motion. Ariel holds an engineering degree from California State Polytechnic with an emphasis in controls and robotics.

Brad Monday
Brad Monday

Brad Monday is a Senior Systems Application Engineer with 20 years of experience in electric motors and drives, including 15 years at Kollmorgen. With an extensive background in the design of motors, power electronics and controls, he now applies his knowledge to technical service and support. Brad enjoys helping any and all Kollmorgen customers solve their application challenges, including any performance needs they may have for motors, drives, communications and other motion subsystems. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech.