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In servo systems, power cables that transmit electrical current to the motor run in close proximity to the feedback cables responsible for transmitting position and velocity data. Even with cables encased in protective jackets, magnetic fields generated by power cables can induce faulty feedback signals that cause unwanted motion. By understanding your choices for cable design, you can mitigate electromagnetic interference while reducing setup and commissioning time.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How Kollmorgen provides servo-ready cables for reliable motion performance and peace of mind
  • Strategies to prevent electromagnetic interference with feedback signals, mitigating a potential cause of unintended motion
  • How to use Kollmorgen’s cable selection resources and information

About the Presenter(s)

Patrick Malander
Patrick Malander

Patrick is a product line specialist providing technical support for cables and linear actuators. With a background in manufacturing and application engineering, he enjoys solving problems that measurably increase the value of his customers’ engineering projects while also contributing his expertise to Kollmorgen’s mission to solve the most demanding motion challenges by providing solutions unmatched in performance. Patrick holds a B.S. degree in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech.