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Field robots are being pushed into unexplored territories in mines, on construction sites, under the water, and in other harsh and unstructured surroundings, to survive and master these tough challenges, your robot design needs to meet a rigorous set of criteria beyond what’s required for robots that operate in more predictable environments.

This presentation will answer three critical questions to help you successfully actuate robots in severe environments.

  • Why are special considerations needed for robots in harsh and variable environments?
  • What are the operational requirements for a robot to survive in these harsh and variable conditions?
  • How do I design a robust system that can meet these extreme requirements?

If you are a field robotics design engineer taking on the challenge of unexplored territories—or an operational decision-maker looking to gain a better understanding of critical robotic components—this presentation is for you.

Field robotic design: Conquering motion control applications in harsh and variable environments

About the Presenter(s)

Yoshi Umeno
Yoshi Umeno

Yoshi Umeno, a 17+ year expert in robotics and motion control has diverse experience in a wide range of industrial applications and various roles in engineering, marketing, operations, and sales, and is currently the Global Market Manager for robotics for Kollmorgen. When not having a great time supporting customers in the exciting world of robotics, Yoshi enjoys running, learning languages, and doing outdoor activities with his family.