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Cogging and torque ripple are unavoidable artifacts of motion system design. Learn how these factors affect you EO/IR System.

Key talking points:

  • What is cogging
  • What is torque ripple
  • Why do we care? (Do we care?)
  • What do you do about it?
What is Cogging and Torque Ripple?

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S. Wood, Frameless Motor Specialist
Tom S. Wood, a 30+ year veteran in high-performance motion control, will lead this interactive session. He’ll share solutions to the most common challenges when integrating frameless motors into seeker heads, fin actuators and other motion-critical systems. And, based on his years of experience helping create successful solutions for Lockheed Martin systems, he’ll be answering any questions you may have for designing next-generation motion systems for advanced defense applications.