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No need to call information to learn about step motion. Each axis of motion has different requirements, and while some need full servo control, many can be economically solved with stepper motors. Wondering when to use one technology versus the other? Wondering which stepper is your best option? Kollmorgen motion experts have faced these decisions countless times, across the broadest array of customer applications.

In this Session you'll:

  • Review stepper motor construction and design
  • Examine advantages of stepper technology
  • Review the tools engineers use to select stepper motors
  • Explore Kollmorgen’s stepper motor and drive offerings
  • Preview the new Kollmorgen Automation Suite Stepper Module
Stepper Webinar

About the Presenter(s)

Johnny Crumpler

Johnny Crumpler is a product line specialist providing technical support to Kollmorgen customers around the world. Through his collaborative problem-solving, he helps users maximize productivity and profitability across a wide range of industries, while gaining vital insights to help direct our strategic growth and assess future market needs. His clear, concise guidance is featured in a variety of “how to” videos on Kollmorgen’s YouTube channel. Johnny holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) from Virginia Tech