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Famous last words: “Don’t stop the machine, I’ll just…” Manufacturers used to rely on physical barriers and total machine shutdown to protect workers. But with today’s high production quotas and thin margins, too many people are taking unnecessary chances. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join this webinar to explore our SafeMotion™ functions and how they help maximize machine uptime while still keeping people safe. You’ll learn:

  • 10 SafeMotion™ functions, including their acronyms and what they mean
  • The typical machine applications that use these SafeMotion™ functions
  • Which SafeMotion™ functions are used routinely and which ones provide enhanced capabilities

Our Presenters

Chris Radley has over 40 years of experience in the motion control and automation industry as an application engineer, design engineer, field service technician and product line manager. For the last 22 years, Chris has been part of the Kollmorgen technical marketing team, focusing on how to solve application challenges using products and solutions best suited to individual customer requirements.

Emily Blanchard has over 16 years of experience as a trainer with Kollmorgen. She manages the online training portal and Channel Engagement program, which routinely features new micro courses. Emily has a B.A. from Virginia Tech in communications and a Masters in adult education.

10 SafeMotion™ Functions to Consider for Your Application
  • Chris Radley, Senior Manager, Global Platform Commercialization
  • Emily Blanchard, Senior Training Specialist