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Go big or go long? Motor choice is about balancing the need for torque, form factor, and performance. Beyond length and diameter, learn how other motor topologies optimize your EO/IR platform.

Key talking points:

  • Reasons to adjust OD to through bore ratios.
  • Choosing between slot vs slotless motor design.
  • Explore the trade-offs of motor design options to minimize torque ripple and maximize torque density or torque per volume.
Frameless motors

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S Wood
Tom S. Wood

Tom S. Wood, a 35+ year veteran in high-performance motion, has integrated motion control solutions as a machine designer, manufacturer’s representative, High-Tech distributor, and as a Kollmorgen Motion Control Product Specialist. He has extensive experience designing next-generation motion systems for the aerospace and defense industry as well as for robotics applications that improve everything from workplace safety to patient mobility. Tom enjoys helping engineers understand how to enhance their projects through frameless technology that delivers high performance in a compact form.