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Learn how to navigate Motioneering - our fast, feature-rich, online servo-sizing tool for machine builders. This two-session webinar set will teach you the basics of Motioneering and introduce more advanced sizing.

How to Use Motioneering to Size Your Application - August 23, 2023 11 AM EDT

In “How to Use Motioneering to Size Your Application” we’ll show you how to size a system using mechanism types and product filters to assist in product selection. Feel free to simply watch the presentation or get interactive by signing in to Motioneering and sizing an application alongside the instructor.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a project and set units
  • Input parameters in the mechanism view
  • Set criteria for product selection
  • Evaluate and balance selection considerations

Creating Advanced Motioneering Profiles - August 24, 2023 11 AM EDT

In “Creating Advanced Motioneering Profiles” you build from the previous module and will expand into sizing more mechanism types: conveyor system and electric cylinder, to illustrate how to build complex motion profiles.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Create complex profiles
  • Add and edit profile segments
  • Add a changing load
  • Various Best practices

About the Presenter(s)

Gordon Ritchie
Gordon Ritchie has over 31 years of experience partnering with machine builders to design motion solutions across the broadest array of applications. He teaches more than 60 technical motion classes each year as well as mentoring application and technical support teams. Gordon is an avid learner who enjoys the Blue Ridge Mountains, photography and videography.