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Design engineers have many complex, interrelated decisions to make. Customizing a solution can be time consuming and expensive, but using an existing product can be limiting. With Kollmorgen co-engineering, you can get a custom-like solution without the need to commission a new motor or drive designed from scratch.

In this session, we’ll answer:

  • What is co-engineering?
  • How does Kollmorgen co-engineer?
  • Is co-engineering right for your application?
  • What solutions can Kollmorgen co-engineer?
How to Leverage Co-Engineering with Kollmorgen

About the Presenter(s)

Randy Wilson, Global Account Manager
Randy Wilson is a global account manager with over 21 years of experience with Kollmorgen. He listens to customers in order understand their application goals and enjoys finding solutions that best address their unique motion challenges. With his motion expertise, applied to our broad array of products and modification capabilities, Randy understands when co-engineering is a practical option to achieve specific performance and fit requirements.