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Motor and control engineering, operations, technical support and more: When designing motion for an advanced medical imaging system, there are many perspectives on success. You do not want your project to be derailed by stakeholders working in silos—or worse, in competition. We’ve assembled a cross-functional panel to discuss these multifaceted challenges and how to solve them through effective teamwork.

Specialists will address these key topics:

  • Controls: Achieving more accurate diagnoses through the highest bandwidth and control algorithms.
  • Motors: Advancements in electromagnetic design to provide the highest-resolution data while improving the patient experience.
  • Operations/Sourcing: How the global landscape has changed next-generation CT scan design.

Cross-functional teams will provide greater insight:

  • Controls & Motors: Design tradeoffs for optimizing both speed and accuracy.
  • Motors & Operations: Rare-earth materials and sourcing impacts.
  • All: Compliance and certification impacts.

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S. Wood, Frameless Motor Specialist
Tom S. Wood, a 30+ year veteran in high-performance motion control, will lead this interactive session. He’ll share solutions to the most common challenges when integrating frameless motors into seeker heads, fin actuators and other motion-critical systems. And, based on his years of experience helping create successful solutions for Lockheed Martin systems, he’ll be answering any questions you may have for designing next-generation motion systems for advanced defense applications.