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A feedback device’s job is to constantly communicate speed and position to the servo drive. This communication is the very definition of what makes a servomechanism a closed loop system. Choosing the correct feedback device is an important consideration. Kollmorgen motion expert, Kenny Hampton, will review various feedback devices, sharing advice on pros and cons, and offer practical guidance about making the right choice for your specific application.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between absolute and incremental devices
  • The difference between analog and digital devices
  • Typical applications for various devices
  • How to choose the best feedback device for your specific application
  • How the devices affect system performance

About the Presenter

Kenny Hampton is an experienced Level 2 Applications Engineer with over 26 years of experience supporting Kollmorgen motion customers. Kenny is also an instructor for the Kollmorgen S700, AKD and AKD BASIC Training Courses, and Advanced AKD Tuning.

Closed! Resolving Servo Feedback Choices
Kenny Hampton, Application Engineer
Kenny Hampton, Application Engineer