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A subnet mask is a bit mask used to define a subnet of an Ethernet network.  It acts like a filter to only allow devices with certain IP addresses to communicate.

Subnets are used to specify which devices can communicate with which other devices on an Ethernet network.

Time to time the IP address is automatically changed. The last number goes from .185 to .186 . After some switch off and on we got the adjusted number .185.

Setting up an Ethernet network can be frustrating if you don’t understand the basics.  A network is just the communication connection between two or more devices.  These devices can be computers, PLC’s, servo drives, HMI’s, sensors, cameras…anything that supports Ethernet communication.  The network is established by assigning an identity to each device.  This is done by using what is called an “IP Address”.  Each device on a network must have an IP Address, and that address must be different from the addresses of all other devices on that network.  The network