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The AKD-PDMM contains the servo control card that is in the base AKD drive. It also contains a second motion control card in which the application project is stored and executed from. Some of the base AKD drive parameters are accessible to read and/or write in a KAS project using function blocks in the IDE library dedicated for a specific purpose. Examples are MC_ReadActPos and MC_ReadActVel which read the parameters PL.FB and VL.FB respectively.

Many other AKD base drive parameters do not have dedicated KAS function blocks to read and write them from a KAS program. It is possible to access these parameters in a KAS program using the following general function blocks:

  • DriveParamRead
  • DriveParamWrite
  • ECATReadSDo
  • ECATWriteSDO

Example of parameters in this category are tuning, drive limits, and other ones making other operational changes. With DriveParamRead and DriveParamWrite function blocks the parameter name (example VL.KP) is used as an input. With ECATReadSDO and ECATWriteSDO the Ethercat/CAN object number is used. Typically execution times are faster with ECATReadSDO and ECATWriteSDO. See the manual for more information on these function blocks.